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    MeLicia Thompson
    December 02, 2021

    My experience with this hospital was the absolute worst. Earlier that day my loved one had an outpatient surgery and unfortunately was experiencing complications. An ambulance was called and we asked she be taken to Doctors because that is where she had her procedure. We waited an hour and called, we informed nurse 1 that she had a surgery early that day and that we know her surgeon was still there and requested if he could see her, she rudely told us that there doctors know what they are doing. We called hourly after that to get updates and each nurse who answered was different and rude. Then the final nurse told us she could not give us any of my mothers results over the phone. She never asked who we were or our relation to the patient, even though my mother gave staff both my sister and I’d names and numbers. I told her that we are her point of contact and power of attorney, we have a right to know. She said she was not going to loose her job over it. However, before she hung up, she was more than happy to tell us to come pick her up. After picking up my mother and realizing they gave her a bogus diagnosis, I was convinced that this is a terrible hospital. Every nurse made this difficult experience worse.

    Pam Rudy
    September 08, 2021

    Today is 12 days after my son-in-law died while being treated at this hospital. When my daughter arrived they could not locate where her husband was after he had been brought by ambulance. After she registered at the emergency room she was not allowed in until she bitterly complained after an inordinately long wait. She was placed in a “quiet room” with her two sons and again waited with no word. She was finally told that her husband had expired. The cause of death was apparently heart failure do to blood clots in the lungs. She was not allowed to see her husband for the last time as they did not know if he was in the hospital or in the morgue. After the initial shock of his passing my daughter requested an autopsy two days later because the suddenness of the death of an otherwise healthy 47 year old was inconceivable. This was on a Sunday. He had died the previous Friday night. She was told no autopsy would be done as the cause of death has already been “determined”. If she really wanted an autopsy, she must get one done privately at a cost of thousands of dollars. When a malpractice suit was threatened they relented. The following Thursday the hospital told her they would send the remains to Sacramento for an autopsy! Almost 100 miles away. But she was not told what day that would be. Five days later we still don’t know where her husband is! We have been unable to get any information at all from the hospital. Repeated phone messages given have not been returned. The hospital is heartless, uncaring and unconscionable.

    Nicole Brooks
    January 12, 2022

    I wasted 6 hours of my life for nothing waiting in the ER. I got no help from them. One nurse(Lisa) was so rude and told me my symptoms are not considered an emergency. There is absolutely no privacy in the ER department from the minute you walk in. What a nightmare.

    Arnisha Wilkerson
    September 22, 2021

    It’s a hospital…just go!! After a horrible experience at another “Doctor’s” hospital, I came here hoping for a better experience. First, the red tape… I was only in a room for 5 mins with the doctor. The hospital ER is slammed and no where for people to go. The system is a little all over he place. This is the only reason I’m giving 4 stars. Good stuff! Everyone I met was nice, smiled and I felt a genuine concern and empathy for what I was dealing with. I made the right decision (for myself) by coming here. Piece of advice: Bring headphones, entertainment and a sense of humor. You’ll be there a while…!!

    Myra Smith
    September 20, 2021

    The most unprofessional hospital in the world. DO NOT TAKE YOUR ILL LOVED ONES HERE, they will not leave (depending on age and if they need surgery) Especially if you're loved ones are older and left alone. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ELDERLY FAMILY ALONE at this hospital. I KNOW malpractice goes on here. Every loved one that has to have "surgery" has not made it out or has passed on within a year from complications from that surgery. They messed up several family members organs and just cover with malpractice insurance. My husband's uncle just passed from after getting care at this facility. The updates were all over the place one minute he's doing great the next minute he's dying. It's the doctor changes. It's rare to get one that actually cares. After he passed everyone being heart broken just wanted to grab his things and go. 2 hours later we are still waiting on his items he came in with AND THEN THEY MISPLACED HIS WALLET!!! Really!? You just lose your loved one then you have to worry about his belongings being "misplaced". UNBELIEVABLE. Staff are disgustingly rude and have no problem keeping you waiting. I hope this place gets shut down somehow. I can't believe they are still up and running.

    Doctors Medical Center

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    1441 Florida Ave, Modesto, CA 95350, USA

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