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Our Team beginning to work in one idea!! how we can Give Back to our Community and support the Local Business!!

At the beginning of this year, we confront the rising COVID-19 cases, and many Americans face fear and uncertainty for the Small Business, Employees, and Community. We saw how many Friends and Family members lost their jobs, business, and coronavirus’s economic impact in Our Community!! 41.3% of companies reported that they were temporarily closed because of COVID-19. A far smaller number—1.8%—said that they were permanently closed because of the pandemic. By contrast, only 1.3% reported that they were temporarily closed for other reasons; 55.5% reported that they were still operational.


We Create Merced Local Business!! It is a community resource website online to support the Local Business by creating a list or catalog of websites with the info from Our Local Business. Thousands of people in Merced use Google daily to search for local restaurants, local services, local products, and local businesses in the valley to meet their needs. These are customers already interested, taking action, and ready to buy using Google to search for your services and willing to do business with you.

Is very simple, you create your account and put the info of your business!! If you need help with your account or anything else, please go to contact@mercedlocalbusiness.com


More Info:

Historically, directories typically listed entries on people or businesses and their contact information; such directories are still used today. A web directory or what we like to call a community resource website includes entries about websites, including links to those websites, organized into categories and subcategories. Besides a link, each entry may consist of the web site’s title and a description of its contents. In most web directories, the entries are about whole websites, rather than individual pages within them (called “deep links”). Websites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories.

There are two ways to find information on the Web: by searching or browsing. Web directories provide links in a structured list to make browsing easier. Many web directories combine searching and browsing by providing a search engine to search the directory. Unlike search engines, which base results on a database of entries gathered automatically by web crawlers, most web directories are built manually by human editors. Many web directories allow site owners to submit their site for inclusion and have editors review submissions for fitness.
Web directories may be general in scope or limited to particular subjects or fields. Entries may be listed for free, or by paid submission (meaning the site owner must pay to have his or her website listed).


Merced Local Business

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